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Product description

Arc spacing: 65 cm (2"2')

Number of arches: 5

Number of rails: 5

Snow load: Up to 200 kg / m²

Wind load: Up to 100 km / h

Openings: 2 doors, 2 door vents

Adding windows: Yes 



Width: 3 m (9’10 ”)

Length: 4 m (13’2 ”)

Height: 2.10 m (6’11 ”)

Frame material: Double-sided, fully galvanized steel square profile, side 25 mm (1")

Covering material: Multiwall polycarbonate, cellular structure, 4 mm, 100% UV protection


The SAV-14-S is an improved version of the SAV-14 model. Reinforced with additional arches and longitudinal rails, it’s the ideal solution for a small site, allowing optimal use of the space. It’s perfect for both home use and small farms. The reinforced design resists strong gusts of wind and large snow load.


The entire greenhouse is a reinforced steel structure made of industrial square profile, fully galvanized on both sides. The construction is arch shaped, which provides reliability, streamlining and gives it a pleasing appearance. Polycarbonate serves as a strong and durable coating that will add extra stability to the structure.


The SAV-14-S kit includes:

  • 2 lower bases (4 m long each) 

Assembled by quick coupling connection, male / female

  • 2 sides with a door and a vent window 

  • 5 arches

  • 10 top rails (2 m long each)

Assembled by quick coupling connection, male / female

  • 5 top rails 

Longitudinally connecting each side and the arches along the top 

  • Set of fasteners

  • Accessories for doors and windows

  • Multiwall polycarbonate, cellular structure, 4 mm, 100% UV protection


*6 mm, 10 mm or 16 mm polycarbonate can also be used. Polycarbonate with a thickness of 10 mm or more can be comparable in thermal conductivity to a brick wall.


*With 65 cm arch spacing, it is possible to install additional windows on any segment of the frame of the greenhouse.


Detailed instructions for the assembly and installation of the greenhouse are provided.

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